About us


Mobius Biomedical strives to question everything in medicine, regardless of dogma or convention. Whether the interventional methodology is commonplace or at the frontiers of medicine, Mobius Biomedical believes that it’s only through questioning that which is taught and practiced both in business and in medicine that collaborative insights can emerge to strengthen the healthcare system.

Corporate Overview

Mobius Biomedical is a biopharmaceutical and medical technology company focused on developing innovative technologies to significantly reduce the cost of producing biological therapeutics necessary to treat and manage a myriad of chronic diseases.

The company’s initial objective is to develop a path-breaking, platform technology for the production of biosimilars and biologics to lead the biopharmaceutical industry in the ability to offer biosimilars and biologics having high purity and efficacy with an industry leading low cost.  Importantly, our strategy has been carefully developed based on direct feedback from pharma and biopharma industry leaders, physicians and patients who see an acute need for our technologies and products.