Welcome to Mobius Biomedical

From Process to Product.
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We are developing next-generation biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies with unprecedented advantages in cost, time, footprint, and speed to market at commercial scale.


Reducing the manufacturing plant footprint to a small fraction of current commercial plants


Seamless scale-up from bench to commercial scale


Enabling continuous manufacturing to reduce our environmental impact

About Us

We are a team of scientists and engineers who aim to solve some of the biggest problems in large scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Given that the biopharmaceutical industry is poised for rapid growth, the problems of expensive and insufficient clinical and commercial manufacturing capacity are becoming more evident. Additionally, regulatory agencies are pushing for innovation and ultimately a transition from batch to continuous manufacturing.

While most efforts appear to be focused on advancing only one of these aspects, we are looking to introduce new designs, concepts, equipment, and processes to disrupt the current technologies to enable the production of affordable, high quality biopharmaceutical products with continuous manufacturing technologies.

Our Goals

We plan to bring unprecedented efficiencies to the development and manufacturing of biologics and biosimilars at commercial scale. We are developing proprietary equipment and a de novo, end-to-end process for biopharmaceutical manufacturing to:

Increase yield and throughput

Increase purity

Eliminate centrifugation & depth filtration processes

Eliminate all traditional column chromatographies

Decrease waste